Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Susan Boyle

it's one of my favourite videos. really impressed with her courage. i am thinking will i have such a courage at the age of 47? perhaps i will join Sibu Idol(if someone organise it by that time)?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

If i am Nobita

i think most of my friends know i like Doraemon. it's not because i want to be doraemon. It's just because i want to have a doraemon. i remember when i am small, my ambition is to be Nobita. Nobita is a the luckiest boy in the anime world. Although he is weak in his studies, Doraemon comes to help him. When he is bullied by Giant, he can cry badly in front of doraemon. When Shizuka quarrels wih him, doraemon always becomes his support. That's why i opened the drawer sometimes, hoping a doraemon appears in front of me (not anymore for now, believe me). Don't you think Doraemon is so nice? He can choose to help richer guys. If so, he can eat more dau sa bia. If so, he does not need to sleep inside the cupboard. or maybe he can install more high tech systems to catch the rats. but he chooses to help Nobita, the one who is weak in everything. This is what i thought when i was small. i thought my dream never comes true.

Yea. My dream never comes true because it's the fact instead. I am always Nobita because God have sent many doraemons to help me. He provides everything based on His wills via people around me. i got shelter via my parents. i obtains care from my three brothers, help from my friends and so on.

If i am Nobita, you guys are doraemons. =) ..... blessings. yohooor

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Holiday Part 3

i found it few days ago while accompanying my mum for shopping.

by that time, i talked loudly, 'mum, it's 豆沙饼 eh!!!!! see. it's real 豆沙饼 ehhh......'

The tauke replied me with weird facial expression, 'yea. of course it is.'

Mum said, 'sorry. she didn't see it for six months already.'

I said, '=.=.......'

豆沙饼啊,豆沙饼。you are always my favourite. =)

Friday, 18 December 2009


Thanks to a restaurant which i went yesterday. It proved that my digestive system functioning well as my digestive organs managed to expel all the unhygience substance from my body though it took more than 1 hr in the midnight =)


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

holiday part 2

Recently i am addicted to milk tea. no matter which restaurant i go particularly in the morning, i will unconsciously order it. A cup of milk tea symbolises the beginning of a new day =)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

holiday life

eat, sleep, play, watching anime are my hobbies now. gonna enjoy as much as i can before moving to second year^^. o ya. miss one more thing. can't wait to yam cha with my friends!! @ah ma. quickly arrange gathering lo

Thursday, 29 October 2009

no more tests

no more tests before final exam.

should i feel happy after saying that? haha. i think i should. my life turns topsy turvy recently because of loads of tests starting from last monday until yesterday. after coming back from prayer meeting yesterday, i tidied up my room and finished all the tasks that i should finish long time ago and watched 2 episodes of house. oo. satisfied with all i have done yesterday. hehe.

start to clear my mind about him too. i can't do anything for him although he is stressful with assignment and tests. i am clear that i am not the one beside him, giving him encouragement and care. what i can do is pray for him. gambateh. i believe u can do it well de. ^^.

start to proceed towards my final exam which starts after 12 days. i know these 12 days will be hard and tough for me. however, be optimistic. moving closer to final exam = stepping closer to home. can't wait to c my beloved grandma, family members, friends, cats, kampua, bian nv, kueh teow, cao zhu mian, comic, drama series and so on!

haha. listing things to do when going home always make me feeling happy. it happens to me and shin shin. i think we two have planned what to eat and what to do in our holiday! definitely i will sing loudly after going home. wow.. wow . balik kampung

ohno. start to daydreaming again. today's goal: finish the lecture about heart. 1 heart only ma. sak sak soi la. i know other 119 pharmacy students will throw stone onto me when they see this. just kidding. it's just encouragement for myself.

gambate to everyone! beat down mr. exam and welcome mr. break!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 October 2009


i felt super blurred recently. many people ask me the similar question. my mind told me something is happening. high possibility i am involved in that event but i totally know nothing.grrr. it sounds terrible.

well. let's assume i am the one who think too much. =). be a happy doraemon when dating with mr. exam recently.

conclusion: hot weather+loads of exam+constant headache= blur ing ing

Friday, 9 October 2009






it's just my random thought today. lol. time to date with mr. exam lo. jia you for everyone -)

Monday, 5 October 2009


王力宏-Can You Feel My Word
Can You Feel My Word
Can You Take My Hand
Can You Feel My Word
跑不掉 逃不了
一直转一直绕 一直率 一直撑着我在一次祷告
Can You Feel My Word
Can You Take My Hand
Can You Feel My Word
并不想讨好 你才觉得我重要

Thursday, 1 October 2009


still in holiday mood though i should pick up my books and study. perhaps i should paste the photo of my lecturers especially Mr.A on the wall. lol. btw, happy holiday to those who have holiday. =)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


我很喜欢牵别人的手。可能是因为我的手24 小时都是冰冷的。





2008 年8月1日,是我洗礼的大日子。那天,我正式牵上帝的手。


Btw, holiday is coming soon. Royal show is waiting for me! yahoo


just finished feedback session for bio test. finally i know my mistake =). so, i am glad with it. and i found my lovely pen! someone took it accidently. whatever it is, the most important is it will be back soon! my first birthday present from my mum =) haha

To shin shin: thanks so much for ur encouragement.

To Song: Thanks for helping me to search for it. i really appreciate it

To shu tiao: Thanks for understanding

To mum and a kiong: thanks for ur words

To budak: dun imitate the way i talk in my blog. =.=

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

i am having bad mood today or perhaps i should say now.Just get my bio result 10 minutes before pharmaceutics lab. well. i pass but i am disappointed with it. Cooling down myself for 1 hour, i feel much better with it. As long as i work harder next time, this test is not a big deal actually. During lab session, i am deducted marks because of careless mistake. well. i just get 1 zero mark during last lab. Deducting mark is still fine for me. After lab session, i found that i lost my mechanical pen. Hence, i decided to skip my lecture and go to find it. i search everywhere even the rubbish bin in my seat but i still can't find it. It's my first and the only one mechanical pen since primary one. the one which accompanied me to go through countless of exams. the one which i bring wherever i go. maybe for other people, it's just a pen. for me, it is my partner. i know it's useless to say anything now...
sorry for so being emotional.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

my uni

recently i like hanging around in uni. there's many interesting things that i find recently. first, i find the best place for me to study. it's somewhere in library. well. i won't study here unless there's important test. no no. i should say i won't pick up my books unless there's test. lol.

second, i fall in love with a type of flower. though i don't know its name, but inevitably i will stop for a while when i see it. it's white and found in front of library or near 210 building. i will be delighted everytime i walk home. haha
students in uni should know that there's a pair of mandarin duck in the pool near adminstration office. i find 1 of them in front of my house last week. it keeps walking outside of the window of my room. considering that it might not know how to go back (to meet with its lovely partner), i intended to carry it back to uni. well. my thinking is proved wrong on the following day. its partner come and walk together in front of me. =.=. Few minutes ago, i found another one here. is it triangle love or one of them is their child? lol.
Taking this picture by wearing pyjamas and with lots of people stare at me. >.<

whatever it is, loitering around in uni is enjoyable. hehe

Thursday, 3 September 2009


i am lost.... seriously i don't know what i want, what i hope. which way is the most suitable for me? i have no idea at all. i think i am tired to go through it..

Monday, 24 August 2009


Finally i know how to make mini pizza after guidance of my housemates. haha

Starting from left: Jia Min's, shin shin's and wai hang's

Starting from left: goldfish's, mummy's and mine.

p/s: i am too excited to put half bowl of pineapple on my pizza. It causes the taste to be sour...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

proceed or stop?

in our life, it's inevitable to face lots of problems and hardships. When we fail in any particular problems, we tend to stand up again and proceed our journey, saying that we won't cry over the same problem again. If u face the same prob or situation with high possibility to fail, are you dare to proceed?
At this moment, i won't say yes. But i won't say no too. Is it because i am not brave enough or my old wound hasn't recover? i have no idea...
Perhaps it's time for me to sit down and listen to God's will.
Btw, there's a verse that i would like to share with you guys. 'Our life is more than food, and our body is more than clothing. Both our life and our body were brought into existence by God, not by our anxiety. Since God created us with a life and a body, surely He will care for their needs. The kingdom people do not need to be anxious about this.'(Matthew 6:25)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


i like Wednesday in this sem! today is the first day that i feel i recover from one-week-cold. Wednesday is always enjoying since there's only lecture and tutorial. Having Wednesday means i have passed one more pharmaceutics session which i always feel tensed and tired. But glad to say that i knew how to make ointment!! For me, it's not easy to manufacture it because it requires extra attention in the process of melting and stirring. However, what i hate most is the washing of glassware. It's so oily, greasy and disgusting although i have rinsed the glassware with half heaker of detergent. Haha
Today i met with same person at the same place again. This is one of the reasons why i love Wednesday. i think it would be more perfect if i can meet with the black cat in my uni. Perhaps i should set GPS system on its neck next time? ^^

Friday, 7 August 2009

study? exam?

yesterday i just discuss with K about the dose check exercise. i found that i did many silly mistake when deciding the dose for patient. First, i don't notice the word of '2 years old'. i wrote the adult dose instead of paediatric dose. the same mistake was found within 15 minutes discussion. if it happens in real life, i will be the terribe killer of babies within 15 minutes!? it sounds horrible.

Falling in thought, i found that i studied for previous exam only. After the exam, i throw everything back to lecturers. it's unforgivable as each mistake might cause life. starting from now, i must change. change for better. haha

Study for my future proffesion, not for exam only!!!!

although studying is boring too. =)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


When i go to school, i see the sun.
When i walk back from school, moon says hello to me.
I think during the midnights before exam, i can see the stars smiling at me.

See. how romantic it is if u take pharmacy course. Must know how to enjoy this utter romantic life for 3.5 years. =)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


《真爱需要等待》will be the movie that i will watch in this saturday fellowship.This title reminds me of few words talked by Alvin one year ago. I do agree and believe this sentence.

'God will grant u a partner whom u might not like most, but he is the one who suits u most.'

i didn't agree at the beginning. how do i feel happy if he is not the one i like most? until now, i agree with Alvin. The one who suits with me can accept all my weakness. He can talk to me for any topics. He can understand my feeling and thoughts as he exprienced it before. Hmm... in deep thought again

it's just my random thought today before i go to first pharmaceutics lab in second sem. =)

Monday, 27 July 2009

polar bear

now i understand why polar bears have to hibernate in winter.

unfortunately i am not a polar bear. =.=. hopefully i can wake up early tomoro. should buy another alarm clock, i think....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


超喜欢在晚上坐在外婆的家门口, 可以坐在那四块地砖发呆。这是我的小天地。是我充分发挥爱哭包的好地方。不需要对别人谎称说自己鼻子敏感,更不用眼睛来拼命地吸眼泪。眼泪不就是上帝让我们抒发心情的吗?





Thursday, 16 July 2009


i read this article many years ago.
when i am young, i want to grow up.
when i am teenage, i am busy with studies.
when i am 20 years old, i am busy of finding job
when i am 30 years old, i am busy to find life partners
when i am 40 years old, i am busy to work '
when i am 60 years old, i am busy to take care of my grandchilds
when i am almost dead, i find that i forget how to enjoy my life
i remembered this article when watching the movie of 'click' The main character is bored and frustrated with all the hardships in his life. His problems are solved as he gets an electronic device. once he clicks it, he can skip the part that he dislikes. No more traffic jams. No more conflicts between his wife and him. After that, he found that there's something wrong since the electronic device works itself. Just with a blink of eye, he is almost dead. luckly it's a just a movie. the main character is given 1 more chance to restart his life.
In other words, as in reality, we are lucky and at the same time unlucky, compared to the main character. we can't go back to our past. Noone can do tat. Meanwhile, we are lucky too because we are still alive! It's time for us to appreciate people or thing around us. Time for us to foster relationship with God. Time for us to enjoy our life. When we are in the hardship, perhaps we should stop for a while. Take a deep breath and move on.
Breathing is a blessing too. Don't u think?

Friday, 10 July 2009

my peninsula

When i was 5 years old, my grandma likes to fry the eggs for me. the shape of fried egg looked like peninsula malaysia. starting by that time, peninsula officially means fried egg. 'Grandma, i want a peninsula everyday!'

When i was 10 years old, i came back home with despair. Waiting and holding plate beside grandma, i cried ' i lose in inter-school competition. no chance for me to go for peninsula. no plane anymore'. She just put the 'peninsula' on my plate. i swallowed it in tears. It's the first time i ate such a salty egg but with the taste of love.

When i was 15 years old, i told my grandma that i want to study in UM. it's the best uni for medicine. Again, she put one more peninsula on my plate. 'Then, u have to eat more peninsula before u fly.'

When i am 19 years old, i managed to study in shah alam. My dream comes true but i am not as happy as i expected. i miss my hometown. It's my place of belonging. i miss everything there. i miss peninsula. i miss her. Now, grandma can't walk properly. No more peninsula from her. It's time to cook for her. Time to care and love her more. i love u, grandma! you r the best chef in the world!!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Thanks God as i am still alive. lol. During the journey of driving back home, i almost meet with car accident. i did notice the red kancil is slowing down its speed but i didn't expect as it stops abruptly in the middle of highway! by that moment, many things start to come across my mind. what should i do if something happens to me? my family members sure will feel sad. i hope i can bring them happiness not the sadness. i have many things to do! haven't say goodbye to my grandma. haven't c him in uni one more time. iol. try to think optimistic. this incident proves that my reflext response still functions well. haha.
it's terrible to drive. must pay more attention next time.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

happy birthday to lesley

today is lesley's birthday. lol. have a short but nice time with her and all other friends. everyone does not change much. tin yee, grace and esther hii are still good in debating. i did enjoy as a listener in their debate. gladys and ester lau are still cute and gentle. aldrian( not reali sure about the spelling) is acting the guy behind don yu. lesley is still talkative and charming. ah bok likes to laugh for no reason one. benny is still mcc. jed still acts as tauke. lol. haha
Today is the first time i drive after half a year. it's terrible as i am lost in sibu. lol. how come i get lost in such a small place. i think my sense of direction is getting weaker. hmmm. lol.
btw, have a safe journey to Alan. congrats as u find a job in sibu. go to xia ta when u arrive at sibu. haha. u r my first foochow sim nan. thanks for being so patient. haha. can't wait to c u.

happy birthday to lesley again. paiseh. i dun bring any present to u today. i give my heart to u la (only for today). qiuuuu

Monday, 22 June 2009

i am back la

after spending the whole day in plane and airport, i arrived at sibu already. Feeling of going back home is super nice. many things are changed already. nana is getting taller. ah bao is getting serious in his studies. but their love towards remain the same. hehe.

This journey to home is terrible. i never feel so scary and terrible. Maybe the difference in weather is great. i felt terribly unwell when i arrive at lcct. almost fainted when i am waiting for luggage. lol. luckly i was not caught in thermal scanning. having temperature of 37.4 celcius degrees is not a good idea to take a plane. lucky i am okay now. thanks God. haha

o ya. i want to convey my deepest thanks to Jeff. Thanks for waking up so early just to fetch me to airport. thanks sifu. u r super super nice. Thanks to my beloved housemates too. thanks for waking up, accompanied me to the carpark in early morning. thanks yuen shin, joanne mummy, noiraine, jia min and wai hang. gonna miss u guys. muack. hehe

1 month holiday is not enough for me . i have prepared a list of things to achieve.

1. take care of my beloved grandma. wanna touch her hair and hold her hands before she goes to bed.
2. spend 1 week with my eldest brother before he goes to intec
3. talk to ah bao
4. share gospel with my dad. pray he will Jesus Christ as his savour.
5. be a full time driver for my mum
6. cook delicious dishes for them. yummy yummy
7. having gathering with friends. long long time dun c them already
8. eat 30 plates of kampua or laksa sarawak
9. read bible more
10.going to nana's school.hope they won't say i am his mum. lol

i will be a full time o ba san at home. haha

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

宝贝, 生日快乐!

Today is my little bro, nana's birthday! so sad i can't celebrate with him. btw, wanna convey my wishes to him. Wish him happy always!

my little bro who likes to touch the camera

my three brothers.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Finally i just finished the pharmaceutics calculation test. haha. Today is a special day for Perth because it rained finally after three months of dry and hot summer. The smell of grass after raining reminds me of Sibu.i start to miss this lovely town. As usual, after finishing 3 hours laboratory session, i have some breads for quick lunch in front of lecture room. Actually i really hate bread especially having bread as my lunch! But don't know why. i enjoy eating bread today! Although it's only the bread with kaya and butter it's the taste of happiness for me. Maybe for some people, the combination of kaya and butter is weird but it's my mum's favourite. She always prepare the bread with thick thick kaya and butter. That's why we always have it during TV time. it has been long long time i don't watch tv with her. long long time i don't hug her. can't wait to go back. can't wait to have this 幸福的味道.

p/s: start to feel homesick. sigh

Friday, 1 May 2009

fire alarm!

oh no. i am very very sensitive with any high pitched sound that is similar with alarm. the first time is on tuesday. when i am 'enjoying' myself in studying bio, i heard some weird sound. first, it's di di, then, deng deng and followed by ringggggg. since we are still new here, we totally have no idea of what it is. my senior told us that it's fire alarm. 'wat! fire alarm. we dun even cook now!' yuen shin said. the housing assistant rushed here and asked us to go out. finally we found that our lovely neighbours burnt the onion and fire detector detected the smoke. cool! yea. it's cool because all of us forget to wear jackets and standing outside in 13 degree celcius. hopefully i wont fall sick again.

The story continued yesterday. fire alarm again. i think my unit and neighbouring unit became famous in hostel already. my neighbours were cooking by that time. i wonder why they cooked at 11pm. hopefully we don't not need to share the fine with them. 1 time of fire alarm cost 300 dollar. as what i always said, we must see the bright side of each event.it proves that our alarm functions well and the high efficiency of fire brigades. they manages to arrive within 5 minutes. hopefully it's the last time.

p/s: just finish my bio test. although the result is not really well, but ok la. wanna throw it to rubbish bin for 1 day before studying the next bio test which is on the next next week. @.@

last week....

life here is getting busier and busier. my senior said that first year is considered as 'happy' and 'relax' year. unfortunately, i haven't notice how relax it is. weather here is getting colder and colder. who says perth is hot? i remember a guy called w.yew said perth is hot. hey. guys. don't believe what he said. although Perth is not as cold as NZ or Tasmania, but for me, it's SUPER COLD!!! the temperature fluctuates rapidly. for example, i forget to bring my jacket on a sunny day. when i walked back to my hostel, the freezing cold wind blew upon me. guess what happens? i fell sick and had high fever for few days.

Undeniably, good thing occured too. i attended 夏娃会 by youth fellowship. it's the first time i attended 'xia wa hui'. it's a gathering by which the brothers will serve sisters in church. it's super cool as they are super creative! i wont' forget jellyfish dance by albert, funny acting by kin seng, distorted voice by 'an long' and so forth.

That's what happened in my previous week. hibernate for 4 days and buried myself in bio books. haha

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

happy birthday to ah bao!

hey. Happy birthday! miss u so much!

p/s: ah bao is my brother. He is not the ah pau in 5S2. many ppl ask me this question in msn ody. :P

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My new family member!

i bought her in Perth City. She is Scaredy! Her innocent eyes raised my intention to spend 10 dollars. yea. a little bit sakit hati. but, don't why. She looks like my cats (hei hei and xiao hei mao) who are missing for long time. i never take care well of them. It's one of the biggest regrets in my life. Sincerely hope that they have a nice life now. My cat in Sibu

She is Scaredy. They look similar, rite?

Scaredy and me

Monday, 6 April 2009

How to spell love?

Yesterday i attended methodist youth fellowship. The group leader asked us how to spell love? Some of us said L.O.V.E. We were proven wrong. It should be T.I.M.E. He said that love can be expressed by time. If you really love someone or something, you will spend time for it. Time is irreversible. No matter how rich you are, you can't buy the time. Once the time passes, everything is over already. Everyday i say to everyone, i love God. but i don't really spend time with Him. sometimes i even fell asleep before i finish my prayer. yea. i should spend more time with Him. Not only that, i must have time for my lovely family members and friends. =)

Friday, 3 April 2009

yes! finally it's break!

finally i can put aside my studies first and watch a nice drama. i will have 2 weeks of easter break. it's time for me to take a deep breathe and reorganising my timetable. i have been here for 1 month. life here is 'exciting' and busy. Although there are only 5 subjects, i felt like i can't catch up. haiz. i think i dun plan my timetable well.

The first subject is Health Science Communication. it is the same as ESLs studies. i can't imagine i have to do that boring research paper again. Second one is Chemistry. it should be my favourite subject. however, sometimes i don't understand what the lecturer taught. luckly, he explained quite well in tutorial class. The most scary one is Chemistry lab. i am always stressed when i enter that lab. Breaking of glassware is the common incident there. Some of my friends are injured because of that. i am injured too. it's not because of glass but i burnt my nail! haha. it's quite worth as finally i know how to operate a bunsen burner.

The third one is pharmaceutics. i am reali interested in this subject as i experience a lot in the lab session. first time i learnt how to make the simple drug. first time i cried in the lab. Thanks God. He sent a very nice supervisor to me. She gave me words of encouragement. The fourth one is introduction to phamaceutical practice. And the last one is human biology. The most exciting part is the lab session too. In the lab, i am given chance to observe the real dead body. Here, i would like to give my deepest respect to the body donors. Thanks for the great contribution in science field. Thanks God too. now i realise how delicate the body system is. Ranging from the smallest cell to the complex brain structure, every part of body has its distinctive structure so that our body can function well. How great God is as He creates such a wonderful body system for human!

In this break, hope i can spend more time in church activities. For your information, i attended church service in Perth Emmanuel Methodist Church. hope i can grow further spiritually in this church. Finally, hope all my friends smile always! God bless!

p/s: i have a fantastic april fool this year. thanks Wei Yew for giving me such a 'nice' present.i will check my mailbox everyday. kaka. thanks shu tiao too. your call warmed my heart. =)

Friday, 20 March 2009

A trip to Fremantle

Sorry as i don't update my blog for long long time. i would like to share my experience in Fremantle. yea. i joined a group visit to Fremantle last Saturday. Fremantle is a port city in Perth, located at the mouth of Swan River. My housemates and me went to buy fruits in Fremantle market. It sounds weird as we went so far just to buy fruits. haha. Food is always important ma. No doubt, the fruit is much cheaper and fresher if compared to supermarket near my hostel.:(. There are some photos taken in Fremanle

Fremantle market. long long history already...

There are many statues of fishermen who contributes to the economic in the past.

If i know how to swim, maybe i will jump into it!?

It's very common to see people singing at street, promoting their self-produced cd. Here, i have to give my deepest respect to them. Although not many people bought the cd they still try their best to sing.

I saw them in Fremantle market! reali want to buy the whole shop! haha

Ok la. have to face the reality now. i have 2 important tests next week. huhu. ga yau to myself and all my friends! c ya. keke

Saturday, 14 February 2009

i am in perth now!

Long time i don't update my blog already. my life here is pretty nice as most of the things are settled already. During the first few days, i am quite sad and disappointed. i miss my dear family members and friends. damn miss their laughters and voice.

For the first three days, i went to curtin university to do my enrolment and application. everything goes smooth except one. THE SUPERMARKET IS SUPER FAR from my hostel. starving.. argh. but. thanks God. my housemates and me already bought all the necessities from supermarket called karawara. i got a new phone. it's sony ericsson w595. i don't really like the design actuallly but it has 3.2 Megapixel camera. great! i can take nice photo liao. haha.

Last Friday my friend and me went to Perth which is located at North Perth . it's totally different with here. There are more people, more shopping complexes and more churches. the below are my random photos taken in city.

This is Perth City!!

The Salvation Army building

The bell tower. so sad. i need to pay the entrance fee

Xin Wei is taking photos for Shuba and Catherine.

The trees were planted in 1929. much older than me!
Will update for the trip to beach. c ya. God bless!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

1 day left...

it's only 1 day left before i go to perth. hope i can fully use this day to meet with my friends.. oh no. kinda emo. i am going to miss them. And i am going to miss my lovely bian nv.

it's super delicious!!! haha

Thursday, 29 January 2009


today i notice something special. a plant that i ignore for long time already especially when i went to study. let show u guys the picture. i bought it from (boys' brigade) BB's stall in food fair. hey, BB friends, do u still remember it? i remember jed and others kept promoting this plant to people. and finally i am the victim to buy it since i hope the coupon walking around. (just joking). At first, i don't reali like it since i am not interested in planting. This plant is considered as a 'miracle'. haha. First, my cats liked to dig it out and buried it in their territories. o dear. i dig almost all the areas of the garden and finally i found the stem of plant with 2 leaves. maybe due to my scold, my cats don't really like it. Jumping on the plants became their daily habits. Got one time, i 'accidently' put it on my car. When my dad drove away, my bro and me chased the car along the road. haha. It is part of my memories in secondary school. hope it can grow well in the future. :)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

i am back la

finally i am back la cuz.......
i get back MY LAPTOP!!!!!. well, it's still the old one but with new screen.and i am not trapped in my blog (quoted from bentuckee 2009). haha. hopefully it can stand for at least 4 yrs. haha. now i am try to fullfil the promise to my family members and friends before i leave on 6 of feb. yo. enjoy my days in sibu.. haha

Saturday, 3 January 2009


This is a story taken from a small 'banner'. This story is my source of motivation and power. When i am sad and confused, i always lay on my bed and read it. Let me share with u guys

One day,
i am dreaming that

Jesus is walking with me along the beach.

There are two lines of footsteps.

One is Jesus's.
One is mine.
During my time of happiness,
Jesus is always with me.
However, i am depressed and downhearted recently.
There is only 1 line of footsteps during the period of despair and sorrow.
i ask Jesus' Almighty Lord, you have promised me before'
'no matter whenever it is, You will be together with me'
but i am helpless and disappointed. where r u, Lord?
why i am alone especially i need your help.
Jesus nods and said,
' my dear child, i love you so much.Although you can't see me,
but i am always with you.
There is only 1 line of footsteps at the time of despair
because i put you on my back......
It's a very short story though. but i gain a lot from it. sometimes i like to complain. why i am the one who have undergone this? i start to hesitate whether God exists. but there's 1 sound behind me. 'come on. come and pass everything to me'. God is always with us whenever and wherever we are. No matter how big the challenge is, there is always a solution. so, don't give up for those who are in dilemma. God is always with us. blessings.

Friday, 2 January 2009

My life in Intec.

Part: 1/303

1/303 is a my room in akasia college. it's a old building though. i spent most of my time there. unlike others, i never go to study room or library to study. no doubt, i am getting lazier and lazier. however, i gain a lot there. i knew my lovely roomate, Aishah and my housemates (Connie and Shu Ning). o ya. there is 1 more unofficial housemate. That is Zing Zing . They treat me well although sometimes i am hot tempered and noisy....
aishah and me. our first photo. haha

First, thanks Aishah. She is the 'cleaner' of our room. When we went to church every week, she is the one who cleaned up the toilet and room. Also, i am appreciate her patience as i have a lot of bad sleeping habits. for example la, i can't sleep while the light is on or any sound around us. so, she has the ability to walk in our room without any light or sound. thanks her for teaching connie and me how to cook pasta. i still remember the smell of mushroom pasta. yummy!

Second is my lovely baby. She is Connie or conical flask..... haha. Connie is cute and sometime crazy. Her passion in study impressed me. i always compare her result and mine. however, i never win. lol. We always ate together. o ya. zing zing, connie and me got the same favourite food. we dun like to eat spicy food. so, there is 1 slogan while eating. 'TAK MAHU PEDAS!!!' however, the waiters always misunderstood as 'MAHU PEDAS'. haha. kinda miss it...... ok. back to connie again. She is the best partner in Intec as we can always understand each other. haha. going to school together, preparing speech together...

connie? yea. she is naughty connie the cow.

Third is shu ning or shu tiao. Although she seldom spent her time in our room, but undeniably she is part of us.
she is:

the one who can bring surprise to three of us

the one who can solve technical problems of laptops.

the one who can talk to me about anime, pets and life partners

the one who likes to listen to my problems

in grand dinner. shu tiao and me

o ya. thanks for becoming our driver. picks me up from school even though she is busy.... a helpful girl indeed.

last but not least, we have 1 unofficial housemate. she is zing zing or we call her as momo, obamo, ah po and so on. i always nagged in front of her especially when i am disappointed or angry. she is my best friend in intec. thanks for sharing everything. thanks for trusting me. i reali appreciate it. kinda miss u....
my dear momo. mesg to ah gong again

four of us....

it's not bullying. it is called sayang... haha

Although five of us will study in different place, but i do remember everyone. thanks for being tolerate to me..... gambate, my pals!


hello. this is my new blog. hehe. in this blog, i hope i can share my life experience with you guys. also, i will try my best to update my blog (only when there is no comic or drama). haha. may God bless everyone!