Friday, 2 January 2009

My life in Intec.

Part: 1/303

1/303 is a my room in akasia college. it's a old building though. i spent most of my time there. unlike others, i never go to study room or library to study. no doubt, i am getting lazier and lazier. however, i gain a lot there. i knew my lovely roomate, Aishah and my housemates (Connie and Shu Ning). o ya. there is 1 more unofficial housemate. That is Zing Zing . They treat me well although sometimes i am hot tempered and noisy....
aishah and me. our first photo. haha

First, thanks Aishah. She is the 'cleaner' of our room. When we went to church every week, she is the one who cleaned up the toilet and room. Also, i am appreciate her patience as i have a lot of bad sleeping habits. for example la, i can't sleep while the light is on or any sound around us. so, she has the ability to walk in our room without any light or sound. thanks her for teaching connie and me how to cook pasta. i still remember the smell of mushroom pasta. yummy!

Second is my lovely baby. She is Connie or conical flask..... haha. Connie is cute and sometime crazy. Her passion in study impressed me. i always compare her result and mine. however, i never win. lol. We always ate together. o ya. zing zing, connie and me got the same favourite food. we dun like to eat spicy food. so, there is 1 slogan while eating. 'TAK MAHU PEDAS!!!' however, the waiters always misunderstood as 'MAHU PEDAS'. haha. kinda miss it...... ok. back to connie again. She is the best partner in Intec as we can always understand each other. haha. going to school together, preparing speech together...

connie? yea. she is naughty connie the cow.

Third is shu ning or shu tiao. Although she seldom spent her time in our room, but undeniably she is part of us.
she is:

the one who can bring surprise to three of us

the one who can solve technical problems of laptops.

the one who can talk to me about anime, pets and life partners

the one who likes to listen to my problems

in grand dinner. shu tiao and me

o ya. thanks for becoming our driver. picks me up from school even though she is busy.... a helpful girl indeed.

last but not least, we have 1 unofficial housemate. she is zing zing or we call her as momo, obamo, ah po and so on. i always nagged in front of her especially when i am disappointed or angry. she is my best friend in intec. thanks for sharing everything. thanks for trusting me. i reali appreciate it. kinda miss u....
my dear momo. mesg to ah gong again

four of us....

it's not bullying. it is called sayang... haha

Although five of us will study in different place, but i do remember everyone. thanks for being tolerate to me..... gambate, my pals!

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