Saturday, 14 February 2009

i am in perth now!

Long time i don't update my blog already. my life here is pretty nice as most of the things are settled already. During the first few days, i am quite sad and disappointed. i miss my dear family members and friends. damn miss their laughters and voice.

For the first three days, i went to curtin university to do my enrolment and application. everything goes smooth except one. THE SUPERMARKET IS SUPER FAR from my hostel. starving.. argh. but. thanks God. my housemates and me already bought all the necessities from supermarket called karawara. i got a new phone. it's sony ericsson w595. i don't really like the design actuallly but it has 3.2 Megapixel camera. great! i can take nice photo liao. haha.

Last Friday my friend and me went to Perth which is located at North Perth . it's totally different with here. There are more people, more shopping complexes and more churches. the below are my random photos taken in city.

This is Perth City!!

The Salvation Army building

The bell tower. so sad. i need to pay the entrance fee

Xin Wei is taking photos for Shuba and Catherine.

The trees were planted in 1929. much older than me!
Will update for the trip to beach. c ya. God bless!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

1 day left...

it's only 1 day left before i go to perth. hope i can fully use this day to meet with my friends.. oh no. kinda emo. i am going to miss them. And i am going to miss my lovely bian nv.

it's super delicious!!! haha