Tuesday, 4 August 2009


When i go to school, i see the sun.
When i walk back from school, moon says hello to me.
I think during the midnights before exam, i can see the stars smiling at me.

See. how romantic it is if u take pharmacy course. Must know how to enjoy this utter romantic life for 3.5 years. =)


  1. Lol...that is a very positive way of looking at things...

    When I go to uni in the morning, I'm too groggy to see the sun

    When I walk back from school, I'm too exhausted to lift my head and look at the moon

    Practically every night regardless of exams, all I see is the concrete ceiling of the library.

    Must know how to enjoy this very "romantic" life for 4.5 years...

    Haha, I'm just very sleepy now...gotta stick my scalpel and gloves into those dead dogs later again =/

  2. 你体会到比刘庸说的生活好很多了!



  3. to shu>> yea yea. i know ur course is more hectic than mine. no worries. let's gambate together!!!

    to barbara>>haha yea yea. seriously i am tired. must have a rest today. hehe