Saturday, 3 January 2009


This is a story taken from a small 'banner'. This story is my source of motivation and power. When i am sad and confused, i always lay on my bed and read it. Let me share with u guys

One day,
i am dreaming that

Jesus is walking with me along the beach.

There are two lines of footsteps.

One is Jesus's.
One is mine.
During my time of happiness,
Jesus is always with me.
However, i am depressed and downhearted recently.
There is only 1 line of footsteps during the period of despair and sorrow.
i ask Jesus' Almighty Lord, you have promised me before'
'no matter whenever it is, You will be together with me'
but i am helpless and disappointed. where r u, Lord?
why i am alone especially i need your help.
Jesus nods and said,
' my dear child, i love you so much.Although you can't see me,
but i am always with you.
There is only 1 line of footsteps at the time of despair
because i put you on my back......
It's a very short story though. but i gain a lot from it. sometimes i like to complain. why i am the one who have undergone this? i start to hesitate whether God exists. but there's 1 sound behind me. 'come on. come and pass everything to me'. God is always with us whenever and wherever we are. No matter how big the challenge is, there is always a solution. so, don't give up for those who are in dilemma. God is always with us. blessings.

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  1. Agree with u. Keep living your best for Him.

    And keep up ur good work in this blog. God bless.