Friday, 20 March 2009

A trip to Fremantle

Sorry as i don't update my blog for long long time. i would like to share my experience in Fremantle. yea. i joined a group visit to Fremantle last Saturday. Fremantle is a port city in Perth, located at the mouth of Swan River. My housemates and me went to buy fruits in Fremantle market. It sounds weird as we went so far just to buy fruits. haha. Food is always important ma. No doubt, the fruit is much cheaper and fresher if compared to supermarket near my hostel.:(. There are some photos taken in Fremanle

Fremantle market. long long history already...

There are many statues of fishermen who contributes to the economic in the past.

If i know how to swim, maybe i will jump into it!?

It's very common to see people singing at street, promoting their self-produced cd. Here, i have to give my deepest respect to them. Although not many people bought the cd they still try their best to sing.

I saw them in Fremantle market! reali want to buy the whole shop! haha

Ok la. have to face the reality now. i have 2 important tests next week. huhu. ga yau to myself and all my friends! c ya. keke

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