Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Speaking foochow

The followings are the conversation between an aunty who only knows foochow and a girl who doesn't know foochow much.

Aunty: Nv2 eh4 ho3 meh2?

Girl: jing1 ho3.

Aunty: Nv2 zho3 nong3 mian2?

Girl: 'Menjemur' keropok. (in mandarin)

Aunty: oooh.

Girl: ya ya( in mandarin). xing3 nian2 ai1 gao3 lou3

Aunty: Haha. ngui1 moh2 kan3 ngieng4 nv2 'in' leh3 boi3 tong1

Girl: Ngui1 wu1 kuo2. ngui1 wu1 kan3 ngieng4 nv2. nv2 'is in choir'( in mandarin again)

Aunty: Ngui1 kuo2 xia3 buong1

Girl: ok ok. bye bye.

Ir's the hardest post that i have writen. cuz the aunty is my neighbour and the girl is me!!!! haha. first time speak foochow with ppl.

p/s: i believe my foochow teacher is laughing loudly now. thanks for putting tone for every words.

p/s: for those who know foochow but can't understand what i am writing, i can only say 'T.T' haha

Sunday, 7 February 2010

dai lou

driving at roundabout was a big challenge for me when i learnt driving. maybe 1 minute late at roundabout can cause you to wait for few minutes more..After having years of driving, roundabout can be exciting sometimes particularly when you can grab a chance and pass through roundabout easily.
But my theory totally changes when u waited for you turn and 'dai lou'(in cantonese) is at your right side. It happened few days ago. since it's peak hour, it's quite impossible to wait until there's no car. so, as long as the car on the other road started to slow down, normally we might move forward and passed through roundabout. well. i hope my 'normally' is 'normally' for everyone too. haha

hmm. when i started to move forward, i noticed that 'dai lou' is beside me. by that time, i start to think. is it counted as unsafe driving or 'cut the queue? rm600 is not cheap since there's no discount recently. ok. as a money-minded human being, i decide to let dai lou go first. as time pasted, dai lou didn't move at all although there are lot of chances for them to pass through roundabout.

'what r u waiting for?'i thought. another dai lou sitting beside driver started to stare at me. he seemed like a teacher who put a book in front of students during exam, wave a rotan and said 'let's cheat la'.
as minutes by minutes passed by, 'barulah' dai lou started to move when a car from other road stopped in front of them.
ooo. 原来是要等车停下来,不是要等没有车。wowww
and it's the first time i stay at roundabout for more than 10 minutes without getting any horns from carssss behind me. =)