Thursday, 16 July 2009


i read this article many years ago.
when i am young, i want to grow up.
when i am teenage, i am busy with studies.
when i am 20 years old, i am busy of finding job
when i am 30 years old, i am busy to find life partners
when i am 40 years old, i am busy to work '
when i am 60 years old, i am busy to take care of my grandchilds
when i am almost dead, i find that i forget how to enjoy my life
i remembered this article when watching the movie of 'click' The main character is bored and frustrated with all the hardships in his life. His problems are solved as he gets an electronic device. once he clicks it, he can skip the part that he dislikes. No more traffic jams. No more conflicts between his wife and him. After that, he found that there's something wrong since the electronic device works itself. Just with a blink of eye, he is almost dead. luckly it's a just a movie. the main character is given 1 more chance to restart his life.
In other words, as in reality, we are lucky and at the same time unlucky, compared to the main character. we can't go back to our past. Noone can do tat. Meanwhile, we are lucky too because we are still alive! It's time for us to appreciate people or thing around us. Time for us to foster relationship with God. Time for us to enjoy our life. When we are in the hardship, perhaps we should stop for a while. Take a deep breath and move on.
Breathing is a blessing too. Don't u think?


  1. reminds me of alvin's comic.. you remember our club magazine? ^^

    indeed, breathing IS a blessing.

  2. oooooooooh ya. thanks for reminding. yea yea. i was so sad when reading the part that xiao bai died. lol. yea. of course i remember our club magazine. our baby eh. hehe

  3. u must be watching tv2 last night haha..
    other than those stuff u mentioned, i think this movie tells me that architect is a tough job! so scary... if only i can listen to the hearts of the clients using the remote control. hahaha...

  4. to ben >> i think only architecture students will give the comment like this. haha. yea. architect is a hard job

  5. to kuan kuan>> haha. thanks