Sunday, 28 June 2009

happy birthday to lesley

today is lesley's birthday. lol. have a short but nice time with her and all other friends. everyone does not change much. tin yee, grace and esther hii are still good in debating. i did enjoy as a listener in their debate. gladys and ester lau are still cute and gentle. aldrian( not reali sure about the spelling) is acting the guy behind don yu. lesley is still talkative and charming. ah bok likes to laugh for no reason one. benny is still mcc. jed still acts as tauke. lol. haha
Today is the first time i drive after half a year. it's terrible as i am lost in sibu. lol. how come i get lost in such a small place. i think my sense of direction is getting weaker. hmmm. lol.
btw, have a safe journey to Alan. congrats as u find a job in sibu. go to xia ta when u arrive at sibu. haha. u r my first foochow sim nan. thanks for being so patient. haha. can't wait to c u.

happy birthday to lesley again. paiseh. i dun bring any present to u today. i give my heart to u la (only for today). qiuuuu

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