Friday, 31 December 2010





Saturday, 25 December 2010

merry christmas!

ho ho ho. today is the biggest and most important birthday party in this world. let us celebrate the birth of Jesus! Merry Christmas to everyone =)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Purple Jacaranda

最近是Purple Jacaranda开花的季节。以前一直称它为紫色树,现在才发现它有这么美的名字。每次在巴士站等候巴士时,就会看到它的喇叭花瓣从树上飘下来。谁说只有玫瑰花是浪漫的特征?哈哈

如果有一天我有机会建自己的屋子,它一定会是我家前的上宾。=)Purple Jacaranda.......

Thursday, 4 November 2010







她是我肚子的蛔虫。我睡不着时,她会用她的手来抚摸我的额头。有时候,我在想,明明就没出任何声音,她怎么知道我睡不着呢? 她就是知道 =)





Tuesday, 12 October 2010


*wiping dust away from my blog*. continue studying!

Saturday, 25 September 2010


i love music though i know little thing about it.

learning music is always not as easy as i think but i will move on! Thanks God for granting us ears and mind to enjoy such melodious music

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

blood is red huh?

today i saw a super duper cute black child carrying a white teddy bear. He just sat in front of me in bus and gave me a mischievous smile.

Oh dear. my unhappiness was gone in a blink of eye! He is cute.

Actually all the children regardsless of skin colour, race or whatever are lovely and adorable.

i did like one sentence. no matter what your skin color is, your blood is always red, same as others.

Blood is red, huh? =)

Sunday, 29 August 2010


i used to i have come back for 1 month already and it has been half of my second semester!!
is earth rotating faster than what we know? hmmm
this alarm clock always give me goosebumps when having exam.
by the way, spending every minute wisely = appreciating your life =)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

say hi!

i saw it in Coles! haha. say hi to Malaysians =)

it's 5.99 per kg. same price as orange here. haha.

Friday, 6 August 2010

random thought

while hanging my clothes, i can feel the cold breeze, look at the blue sky and stand at the green wide ground. by that time, i told myself. mei ing. stop from emoing. do you know that how big the world is? how tiny you are?

i have been upset for weeks. my small room gives me the sense of secure but lonely. i know getting rid of the stuff that i have get used is not easy at all. but i know i can do that. God is always the best cure.

i can get rid of it! there's no so called 'habit'... jia you! haha

Thursday, 29 July 2010




Tuesday, 27 July 2010

i am back =(

yea. i am back to perth. back to my room which is always quiet and full of books. huhuhu. by the way, it's time to meet with my lovely housemates and friends! yayyy. hahahha

Monday, 12 July 2010

wrong timing

sneeze, running nose, mild fever.....

it's wrong timing!!!!!! haizzzzzzzzz. mei ing army.. please wake up to beat down the virus!!!!! yessss

Friday, 9 July 2010


i always have no idea why my friend like tuna so much.... hmmm. haha

Thursday, 8 July 2010

can't stop laughing

this is the photo taken from it's so amusing. wakaakaa

Saturday, 3 July 2010

don't lie to yourself

it's a sad case if you lie to yourself.

when i am sad, i can tell everyone that i am fine. no worries. perhaps i can also console myself that everything is alright as i can handle it. doing other stuff, keep myself as busy as i can or even laugh loudly when talking to others. well. what's the point to lie to myself? when it turns into dark night, sadness will invade me again. so, cry as loud as i can in my own room. i believe that God creates tears for multipurposes.

if i am happy, just laugh or smile! it's an indirect way to share your happiness. hahahahaa.

be happy when you are happy. be sad when you are sad. life is not that complicated, isn't it?

Friday, 2 July 2010


smiling is always amazing. if you are frustrated at someone, your heart might be softened if he or she smiles to you. smiles shows tolerance. of course, don't keep smiling at someone. you might be labelled as crazy guys. haha.

i was taken aback when i read an article. the police found a letter from a guy who has just commited suicide. "i will change my mind if there's someone smiling at me when walking towards the bridge.". it sounds miserable. seems like noone is willing talk or even smile to him in his life!"

so, why not smile? who knows your smile has cheered up someone in their life?

by the way, i am amazed by jacinda's laugh. haha. she delighted my heart once. haha

Thursday, 1 July 2010

thinking of you

there's a lot of people appearing in our mind everyday. they can be your beloved, family members and closed friends. sometimes they can be any random people in your life. for example, your lecturer( andrew? maybe? haha), a cashier girl or anyone. some stuff and events always remind us of them. what will you feel when you think of them? frustrated? angry? happy? a deep smile? or miserable? who knows? you are the only one who knows....

the rain reminds me of perth, reminds me of umbrella at vickery house, reminds me of you =)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i am back!

hi. everyone! i am back la. will list down what i need to and who i want to meet in this break! yohoor.
1. spend time with my family members. my grandma is getting weaker. hope can spend more time with her
2.lim teh with my friends. hey hey. come and invite me for lim teh, okay?
3.finish all my works.
4. to to pak kai's wedding!!!
5. hmmmm.... still thinking. haha

Friday, 28 May 2010

david tao

i started to listen to his song since form 4 if i am not mistaken. well. to be honest. his songs do not attract me at all. it's just because my friends love that, so i did try to listen (sounded reluctant. haha). when i asked barbara where can i find david tao's songs? she said without any hesitation,TAKE IT FROM BENNY.ok lo. then, i borrow a cd from him. the first original cd that i have touched in my real life. (sheeesh. the CD producer will slaughter me). haha

i played it for many times and serious it does not match my taste. flat tone, boring and so on...

when i listen to them during college life, something has changed!! the melodies are nice and smooth. yea. undeniably, i fell in love with his songs.

Melody, tian tian, ai hen jian dang, ai wo hai shi ta, my anata and so on though these songs are very old already..

but good songs never expire, don't you think?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

cold weather~~~

who says Perth is hot? it's super cold!!! i am shivering while taking bath and washing clothes. but no matter how cold it is, it's a blessing as i can sleep with warm quilt and have a nice sleep every night =). i wonder how the fish in the uni pool can survive? where will the lovely cats stay at freezing night? how can the lazy bird walk here and there without jackets?

There should be 1 answer. God grants them natural ability to survive in such extreme weather. Never worry of tomorrow. He is always with us!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

April is over.....

Finally i have finished all my mid sem tests and 2 asssignments within this month. Phew.... It’s tiring candidly. For the previous month, my life is just lecture notes, tutorial, laboratories and so on. And today is Thursday! It means that my lovely Friday and weekend are coming. But i feel sad instead. One of my elderly relatives had just passed away. I was taken aback when i received this new on last Saturday. She was strong, cheerful and gave us a lot of food during cny. Visiting her in cny was one of our family activities but i didn’t do it during this year. Why? It’s just because i was lazy by that time and thought that i could visit her in the future soon. i was not granted chance anymore.

When i was small, my cousins and me like to hide her artificial hair and forced her to play seek and hide with us. Sometimes we did like to count the number of her hair since she was almost botak. Although everytime my uncle and dad scolded us, she would protect us instead. I started to miss her now.....

This is the third elderly relative who has just passed away recently. All of them were strong and looked well before i leave. Life is like that, right? Fragile, unpredictable. Shouldn’t we spend more time on our family members while we are able to do that?

Btw, there were happy events recently too. Two of my friends get married. A friend gave me huge support when i faced some problems. Thanks for sending mcd during midnight. I do really appreciate it. Thanks abu, ah kiong and ah siong for chatting with me everytime. U r always the longest worm in my stomach. Haha. Thanks to my housmates who always give me laughter and jokes. Thanks to my coursemate who always come for studying. I will pick my book unwillingly and forced me to study. i treat it as a kind of motivation. Haha

Time for me to rest, walk closer to God. Gambateh to ah ing and everyone!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Third species in my uni

few days ago, i walked past building 204 in my uni and i saw a black little figure walking across the road. at first, i think it must be australian lazy bird walking here and there. after few minutes, i think that it might be a .......... my curiousity drives me going back to the original place though there were 5 minutes left before my tutorial. guess what i see??

i saw a cat!!!!! so bad i didn't bring my handphone by that time. yesterday i tried to find it in a bush in front of building 204 and i saw them!! there were two black cats hiding in a bush. my action attracted other two ang moh girls.

so, the ending was 3 girls squatting in front of bush and laugh excitedly. it attracted few people stopping and whispering."what's wrong with the bush?"i heard.

hahahahaha. it shows that there are third species in my uni apart from human beings and lazy birds.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

renewed hope

it's sunrise in heathcote near swan river, perth during morning devotion today.

2010 years ago, Jesus has risen and resurrected!!!! as a christian, all of us have granted renewed life in Christ and unlimited blessings. Amen!
p/s: first time i saw the sunrise in perth and first time i sang beside ang mohs. =)

Sunday, 28 March 2010


有好多时候,我们在生活上有好多的疑问。也很努力地寻找答案。很可惜,不是每一个疑问都有答案的。也不会有人专门站在你的面前,对你说,答案是bla bla bla。偏偏你最在乎的疑问是最难拿到答案的。也许,有一天,你真的找到了,才发现它一直在你身边,只是你不肯去接受它。说穿了,那也只是那不是你说喜悦的,不停地找其他的答案来遮盖它。所以,当你真的找到了,你却感觉不到丝毫的快乐。原来,没有接受,是不会快乐的。


Friday, 12 March 2010

he is kind

All Vickery residents should know that we need a card to access the laundry room. once it's closed, the room will be locked automatically and we have to use card again for opening it. today i carried bags of clothes, pails, detergents and so on. there's a chinese guy who just came out of laundary room. he didn't fully close the door. so, i can just enter the room by pushing the door. what a mercy for me.

he noticed my handful of stuff and he walked back, heading to the door, opening the door and stared at me.

wow~~ he is helpful as he is going to open the door for me.

when i am going to say thanks, something unexpected happened.

he closed the door, confirming the door is fully closed.

"i hope you bring your card if you are a vickery resident" he said.

yea. he is kind in protecting all vickery residents. purposely walk back and close the door again.

perhaps next time i should paste a big notice on my head when carrying loads of stuff. 'i live here, okay?'

Sunday, 7 March 2010




为家人服务,也是值得开心的。在家里,我是大家姐。时间很常要分给三只猴子。大弟忙他的matriculation。二弟忙他的form 3。小弟忙小学。老妈和老爸就忙他们的工作。有时候,单单当他们的司机,就可以花一整天的时间。可是,我还是开心的。因为,他们为我的付出往往都比我付出的多。

为朋友两肋插刀,还蛮爽的。哈哈。先注明一下,当然不是全部的朋友啦。要不然,我学naruto分身,都不够我用。有时候,在他们伤心的时候,陪他们聊天啊,能帮就尽量帮。其实,他们为我做的还真的是数不尽。arigato =)


好像还没有说到学业,不说了 =.=.数不尽的书在等着我........

p/s:不好意思啊。我没有针对任何人啊。 haha

@connie, abu and ah ma. i told u three that i will keep writing cheerful post. hmmmmm......

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


since i am primary school, i hate people not to trust me.i remember when i am in primary four, i was accused for spreading gossip. all my geng abandoned me. Although everyone forgot it within few days and everything turned normal, but i never receive any apologize.

when i am secondary school, i attend a function. i was suspected for stealing money as i entered a room of a guest. i can't really the whole process. but there's sentence that leave vivid impression on me. "if you don't have enough pocket money, just let uncle know. i will give you more pocket money. okay?"

few days ago, i faced the similar situation again. person involved is one of my closed friend. maybe i am so kecil hati this time but i do really hope that that person apologizes to me. bible said 'Don't angry after sunset.' i am waiting for sunset today. haha

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Speaking foochow

The followings are the conversation between an aunty who only knows foochow and a girl who doesn't know foochow much.

Aunty: Nv2 eh4 ho3 meh2?

Girl: jing1 ho3.

Aunty: Nv2 zho3 nong3 mian2?

Girl: 'Menjemur' keropok. (in mandarin)

Aunty: oooh.

Girl: ya ya( in mandarin). xing3 nian2 ai1 gao3 lou3

Aunty: Haha. ngui1 moh2 kan3 ngieng4 nv2 'in' leh3 boi3 tong1

Girl: Ngui1 wu1 kuo2. ngui1 wu1 kan3 ngieng4 nv2. nv2 'is in choir'( in mandarin again)

Aunty: Ngui1 kuo2 xia3 buong1

Girl: ok ok. bye bye.

Ir's the hardest post that i have writen. cuz the aunty is my neighbour and the girl is me!!!! haha. first time speak foochow with ppl.

p/s: i believe my foochow teacher is laughing loudly now. thanks for putting tone for every words.

p/s: for those who know foochow but can't understand what i am writing, i can only say 'T.T' haha

Sunday, 7 February 2010

dai lou

driving at roundabout was a big challenge for me when i learnt driving. maybe 1 minute late at roundabout can cause you to wait for few minutes more..After having years of driving, roundabout can be exciting sometimes particularly when you can grab a chance and pass through roundabout easily.
But my theory totally changes when u waited for you turn and 'dai lou'(in cantonese) is at your right side. It happened few days ago. since it's peak hour, it's quite impossible to wait until there's no car. so, as long as the car on the other road started to slow down, normally we might move forward and passed through roundabout. well. i hope my 'normally' is 'normally' for everyone too. haha

hmm. when i started to move forward, i noticed that 'dai lou' is beside me. by that time, i start to think. is it counted as unsafe driving or 'cut the queue? rm600 is not cheap since there's no discount recently. ok. as a money-minded human being, i decide to let dai lou go first. as time pasted, dai lou didn't move at all although there are lot of chances for them to pass through roundabout.

'what r u waiting for?'i thought. another dai lou sitting beside driver started to stare at me. he seemed like a teacher who put a book in front of students during exam, wave a rotan and said 'let's cheat la'.
as minutes by minutes passed by, 'barulah' dai lou started to move when a car from other road stopped in front of them.
ooo. 原来是要等车停下来,不是要等没有车。wowww
and it's the first time i stay at roundabout for more than 10 minutes without getting any horns from carssss behind me. =)

Saturday, 30 January 2010






Wednesday, 20 January 2010


1 hr ago nana was doing the maths homework. mum reminded him,'Use ruler when you make a line.' Her words remind me of an very interesting but innocent incident when i am in primary six.

'THENG MEI ING! PLEASE COME FORWARD!' said maths teacher.
'Please use ruler when u draw a triangle,' she said

i did the homework somewhere in supermarket and forgot to redraw it at home.

'ooo. okay.' i said

'Hey. why u stare at me with such big eyes? you didn't satisfy with what i said, is it?' she said.

'Big meh?' i asked in a very surprised and happy manner, opening my eyes more unconsciously.

'wah. even bigger now. i must punish u!' she said angrily.

'ha? no. i mean...."

*pia pia pia*. i was given 3 beats by that time.

starting from that day, my eyes will squint automatically once i greet with her. In last year, i met with her again in polyclinic. My eyes squinted again.

she said a very interesting thing. 'Why you like to squint your eyes? better go to have a check. must be short-sighted.

haha. i will.......

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Theme song~~

It has officially become the theme song at my home. =.=. well. i start to discover why nana likes it. =)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


This is what i copied from susu's msn personal message." noone is in charged of your happiness but you." i always have a random thought. if the technology is advanced, how nice it is if all the pain receptors on my heart can be removed so that i won't feel pain when hurt. or maybe my body can be modified to produce more endorphins. but if so, i won't understand the meaning of happiness.

Sometimes we keep thinking that others are responsible for our sorrow. but we ourselves cause us to be unhappy. If you want to be happy, noone can stop you, don't you think?