Friday, 1 May 2009

last week....

life here is getting busier and busier. my senior said that first year is considered as 'happy' and 'relax' year. unfortunately, i haven't notice how relax it is. weather here is getting colder and colder. who says perth is hot? i remember a guy called w.yew said perth is hot. hey. guys. don't believe what he said. although Perth is not as cold as NZ or Tasmania, but for me, it's SUPER COLD!!! the temperature fluctuates rapidly. for example, i forget to bring my jacket on a sunny day. when i walked back to my hostel, the freezing cold wind blew upon me. guess what happens? i fell sick and had high fever for few days.

Undeniably, good thing occured too. i attended 夏娃会 by youth fellowship. it's the first time i attended 'xia wa hui'. it's a gathering by which the brothers will serve sisters in church. it's super cool as they are super creative! i wont' forget jellyfish dance by albert, funny acting by kin seng, distorted voice by 'an long' and so forth.

That's what happened in my previous week. hibernate for 4 days and buried myself in bio books. haha

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