Wednesday, 23 September 2009


我很喜欢牵别人的手。可能是因为我的手24 小时都是冰冷的。





2008 年8月1日,是我洗礼的大日子。那天,我正式牵上帝的手。


Btw, holiday is coming soon. Royal show is waiting for me! yahoo


just finished feedback session for bio test. finally i know my mistake =). so, i am glad with it. and i found my lovely pen! someone took it accidently. whatever it is, the most important is it will be back soon! my first birthday present from my mum =) haha

To shin shin: thanks so much for ur encouragement.

To Song: Thanks for helping me to search for it. i really appreciate it

To shu tiao: Thanks for understanding

To mum and a kiong: thanks for ur words

To budak: dun imitate the way i talk in my blog. =.=

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

i am having bad mood today or perhaps i should say now.Just get my bio result 10 minutes before pharmaceutics lab. well. i pass but i am disappointed with it. Cooling down myself for 1 hour, i feel much better with it. As long as i work harder next time, this test is not a big deal actually. During lab session, i am deducted marks because of careless mistake. well. i just get 1 zero mark during last lab. Deducting mark is still fine for me. After lab session, i found that i lost my mechanical pen. Hence, i decided to skip my lecture and go to find it. i search everywhere even the rubbish bin in my seat but i still can't find it. It's my first and the only one mechanical pen since primary one. the one which accompanied me to go through countless of exams. the one which i bring wherever i go. maybe for other people, it's just a pen. for me, it is my partner. i know it's useless to say anything now...
sorry for so being emotional.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

my uni

recently i like hanging around in uni. there's many interesting things that i find recently. first, i find the best place for me to study. it's somewhere in library. well. i won't study here unless there's important test. no no. i should say i won't pick up my books unless there's test. lol.

second, i fall in love with a type of flower. though i don't know its name, but inevitably i will stop for a while when i see it. it's white and found in front of library or near 210 building. i will be delighted everytime i walk home. haha
students in uni should know that there's a pair of mandarin duck in the pool near adminstration office. i find 1 of them in front of my house last week. it keeps walking outside of the window of my room. considering that it might not know how to go back (to meet with its lovely partner), i intended to carry it back to uni. well. my thinking is proved wrong on the following day. its partner come and walk together in front of me. =.=. Few minutes ago, i found another one here. is it triangle love or one of them is their child? lol.
Taking this picture by wearing pyjamas and with lots of people stare at me. >.<

whatever it is, loitering around in uni is enjoyable. hehe

Thursday, 3 September 2009


i am lost.... seriously i don't know what i want, what i hope. which way is the most suitable for me? i have no idea at all. i think i am tired to go through it..