Wednesday, 16 September 2009

my uni

recently i like hanging around in uni. there's many interesting things that i find recently. first, i find the best place for me to study. it's somewhere in library. well. i won't study here unless there's important test. no no. i should say i won't pick up my books unless there's test. lol.

second, i fall in love with a type of flower. though i don't know its name, but inevitably i will stop for a while when i see it. it's white and found in front of library or near 210 building. i will be delighted everytime i walk home. haha
students in uni should know that there's a pair of mandarin duck in the pool near adminstration office. i find 1 of them in front of my house last week. it keeps walking outside of the window of my room. considering that it might not know how to go back (to meet with its lovely partner), i intended to carry it back to uni. well. my thinking is proved wrong on the following day. its partner come and walk together in front of me. =.=. Few minutes ago, i found another one here. is it triangle love or one of them is their child? lol.
Taking this picture by wearing pyjamas and with lots of people stare at me. >.<

whatever it is, loitering around in uni is enjoyable. hehe

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