Saturday, 24 April 2010

Third species in my uni

few days ago, i walked past building 204 in my uni and i saw a black little figure walking across the road. at first, i think it must be australian lazy bird walking here and there. after few minutes, i think that it might be a .......... my curiousity drives me going back to the original place though there were 5 minutes left before my tutorial. guess what i see??

i saw a cat!!!!! so bad i didn't bring my handphone by that time. yesterday i tried to find it in a bush in front of building 204 and i saw them!! there were two black cats hiding in a bush. my action attracted other two ang moh girls.

so, the ending was 3 girls squatting in front of bush and laugh excitedly. it attracted few people stopping and whispering."what's wrong with the bush?"i heard.

hahahahaha. it shows that there are third species in my uni apart from human beings and lazy birds.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

renewed hope

it's sunrise in heathcote near swan river, perth during morning devotion today.

2010 years ago, Jesus has risen and resurrected!!!! as a christian, all of us have granted renewed life in Christ and unlimited blessings. Amen!
p/s: first time i saw the sunrise in perth and first time i sang beside ang mohs. =)