Saturday, 30 January 2010






Wednesday, 20 January 2010


1 hr ago nana was doing the maths homework. mum reminded him,'Use ruler when you make a line.' Her words remind me of an very interesting but innocent incident when i am in primary six.

'THENG MEI ING! PLEASE COME FORWARD!' said maths teacher.
'Please use ruler when u draw a triangle,' she said

i did the homework somewhere in supermarket and forgot to redraw it at home.

'ooo. okay.' i said

'Hey. why u stare at me with such big eyes? you didn't satisfy with what i said, is it?' she said.

'Big meh?' i asked in a very surprised and happy manner, opening my eyes more unconsciously.

'wah. even bigger now. i must punish u!' she said angrily.

'ha? no. i mean...."

*pia pia pia*. i was given 3 beats by that time.

starting from that day, my eyes will squint automatically once i greet with her. In last year, i met with her again in polyclinic. My eyes squinted again.

she said a very interesting thing. 'Why you like to squint your eyes? better go to have a check. must be short-sighted.

haha. i will.......

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Theme song~~

It has officially become the theme song at my home. =.=. well. i start to discover why nana likes it. =)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


This is what i copied from susu's msn personal message." noone is in charged of your happiness but you." i always have a random thought. if the technology is advanced, how nice it is if all the pain receptors on my heart can be removed so that i won't feel pain when hurt. or maybe my body can be modified to produce more endorphins. but if so, i won't understand the meaning of happiness.

Sometimes we keep thinking that others are responsible for our sorrow. but we ourselves cause us to be unhappy. If you want to be happy, noone can stop you, don't you think?