Tuesday, 28 July 2009


《真爱需要等待》will be the movie that i will watch in this saturday fellowship.This title reminds me of few words talked by Alvin one year ago. I do agree and believe this sentence.

'God will grant u a partner whom u might not like most, but he is the one who suits u most.'

i didn't agree at the beginning. how do i feel happy if he is not the one i like most? until now, i agree with Alvin. The one who suits with me can accept all my weakness. He can talk to me for any topics. He can understand my feeling and thoughts as he exprienced it before. Hmm... in deep thought again

it's just my random thought today before i go to first pharmaceutics lab in second sem. =)


  1. Found that person who suits you the most?

  2. interesting...i was just having a conversation with a friend about how to know whether we've found "happily-ever-after" in a person. Your line is so timely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. to barbara>> haha. not yet.

    to flo>> u r ben's cousin, rite? welcome to my blog. btw, i like ur sharing in ben's blog too. hehe