Tuesday, 28 July 2009


《真爱需要等待》will be the movie that i will watch in this saturday fellowship.This title reminds me of few words talked by Alvin one year ago. I do agree and believe this sentence.

'God will grant u a partner whom u might not like most, but he is the one who suits u most.'

i didn't agree at the beginning. how do i feel happy if he is not the one i like most? until now, i agree with Alvin. The one who suits with me can accept all my weakness. He can talk to me for any topics. He can understand my feeling and thoughts as he exprienced it before. Hmm... in deep thought again

it's just my random thought today before i go to first pharmaceutics lab in second sem. =)

Monday, 27 July 2009

polar bear

now i understand why polar bears have to hibernate in winter.

unfortunately i am not a polar bear. =.=. hopefully i can wake up early tomoro. should buy another alarm clock, i think....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


超喜欢在晚上坐在外婆的家门口, 可以坐在那四块地砖发呆。这是我的小天地。是我充分发挥爱哭包的好地方。不需要对别人谎称说自己鼻子敏感,更不用眼睛来拼命地吸眼泪。眼泪不就是上帝让我们抒发心情的吗?





Thursday, 16 July 2009


i read this article many years ago.
when i am young, i want to grow up.
when i am teenage, i am busy with studies.
when i am 20 years old, i am busy of finding job
when i am 30 years old, i am busy to find life partners
when i am 40 years old, i am busy to work '
when i am 60 years old, i am busy to take care of my grandchilds
when i am almost dead, i find that i forget how to enjoy my life
i remembered this article when watching the movie of 'click' The main character is bored and frustrated with all the hardships in his life. His problems are solved as he gets an electronic device. once he clicks it, he can skip the part that he dislikes. No more traffic jams. No more conflicts between his wife and him. After that, he found that there's something wrong since the electronic device works itself. Just with a blink of eye, he is almost dead. luckly it's a just a movie. the main character is given 1 more chance to restart his life.
In other words, as in reality, we are lucky and at the same time unlucky, compared to the main character. we can't go back to our past. Noone can do tat. Meanwhile, we are lucky too because we are still alive! It's time for us to appreciate people or thing around us. Time for us to foster relationship with God. Time for us to enjoy our life. When we are in the hardship, perhaps we should stop for a while. Take a deep breath and move on.
Breathing is a blessing too. Don't u think?

Friday, 10 July 2009

my peninsula

When i was 5 years old, my grandma likes to fry the eggs for me. the shape of fried egg looked like peninsula malaysia. starting by that time, peninsula officially means fried egg. 'Grandma, i want a peninsula everyday!'

When i was 10 years old, i came back home with despair. Waiting and holding plate beside grandma, i cried ' i lose in inter-school competition. no chance for me to go for peninsula. no plane anymore'. She just put the 'peninsula' on my plate. i swallowed it in tears. It's the first time i ate such a salty egg but with the taste of love.

When i was 15 years old, i told my grandma that i want to study in UM. it's the best uni for medicine. Again, she put one more peninsula on my plate. 'Then, u have to eat more peninsula before u fly.'

When i am 19 years old, i managed to study in shah alam. My dream comes true but i am not as happy as i expected. i miss my hometown. It's my place of belonging. i miss everything there. i miss peninsula. i miss her. Now, grandma can't walk properly. No more peninsula from her. It's time to cook for her. Time to care and love her more. i love u, grandma! you r the best chef in the world!!!