Wednesday, 22 April 2009

happy birthday to ah bao!

hey. Happy birthday! miss u so much!

p/s: ah bao is my brother. He is not the ah pau in 5S2. many ppl ask me this question in msn ody. :P

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My new family member!

i bought her in Perth City. She is Scaredy! Her innocent eyes raised my intention to spend 10 dollars. yea. a little bit sakit hati. but, don't why. She looks like my cats (hei hei and xiao hei mao) who are missing for long time. i never take care well of them. It's one of the biggest regrets in my life. Sincerely hope that they have a nice life now. My cat in Sibu

She is Scaredy. They look similar, rite?

Scaredy and me

Monday, 6 April 2009

How to spell love?

Yesterday i attended methodist youth fellowship. The group leader asked us how to spell love? Some of us said L.O.V.E. We were proven wrong. It should be T.I.M.E. He said that love can be expressed by time. If you really love someone or something, you will spend time for it. Time is irreversible. No matter how rich you are, you can't buy the time. Once the time passes, everything is over already. Everyday i say to everyone, i love God. but i don't really spend time with Him. sometimes i even fell asleep before i finish my prayer. yea. i should spend more time with Him. Not only that, i must have time for my lovely family members and friends. =)

Friday, 3 April 2009

yes! finally it's break!

finally i can put aside my studies first and watch a nice drama. i will have 2 weeks of easter break. it's time for me to take a deep breathe and reorganising my timetable. i have been here for 1 month. life here is 'exciting' and busy. Although there are only 5 subjects, i felt like i can't catch up. haiz. i think i dun plan my timetable well.

The first subject is Health Science Communication. it is the same as ESLs studies. i can't imagine i have to do that boring research paper again. Second one is Chemistry. it should be my favourite subject. however, sometimes i don't understand what the lecturer taught. luckly, he explained quite well in tutorial class. The most scary one is Chemistry lab. i am always stressed when i enter that lab. Breaking of glassware is the common incident there. Some of my friends are injured because of that. i am injured too. it's not because of glass but i burnt my nail! haha. it's quite worth as finally i know how to operate a bunsen burner.

The third one is pharmaceutics. i am reali interested in this subject as i experience a lot in the lab session. first time i learnt how to make the simple drug. first time i cried in the lab. Thanks God. He sent a very nice supervisor to me. She gave me words of encouragement. The fourth one is introduction to phamaceutical practice. And the last one is human biology. The most exciting part is the lab session too. In the lab, i am given chance to observe the real dead body. Here, i would like to give my deepest respect to the body donors. Thanks for the great contribution in science field. Thanks God too. now i realise how delicate the body system is. Ranging from the smallest cell to the complex brain structure, every part of body has its distinctive structure so that our body can function well. How great God is as He creates such a wonderful body system for human!

In this break, hope i can spend more time in church activities. For your information, i attended church service in Perth Emmanuel Methodist Church. hope i can grow further spiritually in this church. Finally, hope all my friends smile always! God bless!

p/s: i have a fantastic april fool this year. thanks Wei Yew for giving me such a 'nice' present.i will check my mailbox everyday. kaka. thanks shu tiao too. your call warmed my heart. =)