Thursday, 29 January 2009


today i notice something special. a plant that i ignore for long time already especially when i went to study. let show u guys the picture. i bought it from (boys' brigade) BB's stall in food fair. hey, BB friends, do u still remember it? i remember jed and others kept promoting this plant to people. and finally i am the victim to buy it since i hope the coupon walking around. (just joking). At first, i don't reali like it since i am not interested in planting. This plant is considered as a 'miracle'. haha. First, my cats liked to dig it out and buried it in their territories. o dear. i dig almost all the areas of the garden and finally i found the stem of plant with 2 leaves. maybe due to my scold, my cats don't really like it. Jumping on the plants became their daily habits. Got one time, i 'accidently' put it on my car. When my dad drove away, my bro and me chased the car along the road. haha. It is part of my memories in secondary school. hope it can grow well in the future. :)

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