Wednesday, 19 August 2009


i like Wednesday in this sem! today is the first day that i feel i recover from one-week-cold. Wednesday is always enjoying since there's only lecture and tutorial. Having Wednesday means i have passed one more pharmaceutics session which i always feel tensed and tired. But glad to say that i knew how to make ointment!! For me, it's not easy to manufacture it because it requires extra attention in the process of melting and stirring. However, what i hate most is the washing of glassware. It's so oily, greasy and disgusting although i have rinsed the glassware with half heaker of detergent. Haha
Today i met with same person at the same place again. This is one of the reasons why i love Wednesday. i think it would be more perfect if i can meet with the black cat in my uni. Perhaps i should set GPS system on its neck next time? ^^


  1. wow! ointment! you can already produce one! so nice!

    why do I always have the "oohhhh... something's going on.. love, aint?" feel when reading your blog? XD

    take photo of the black cat! black cat brings good luck~

  2. haha. thanks for having the 'feeling'. i love ur background music. giving ppl feeling of comfortble.btw, what is aint?

  3. you are the second one to compliment the music after allen. much better than derek than say it's not nice and tell me to change XD
    I think I won't change it. haha.. wait till I find another nice song (piano version) and the code..

    aint = 不是吗?