Thursday, 20 August 2009

proceed or stop?

in our life, it's inevitable to face lots of problems and hardships. When we fail in any particular problems, we tend to stand up again and proceed our journey, saying that we won't cry over the same problem again. If u face the same prob or situation with high possibility to fail, are you dare to proceed?
At this moment, i won't say yes. But i won't say no too. Is it because i am not brave enough or my old wound hasn't recover? i have no idea...
Perhaps it's time for me to sit down and listen to God's will.
Btw, there's a verse that i would like to share with you guys. 'Our life is more than food, and our body is more than clothing. Both our life and our body were brought into existence by God, not by our anxiety. Since God created us with a life and a body, surely He will care for their needs. The kingdom people do not need to be anxious about this.'(Matthew 6:25)

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