Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Susan Boyle

it's one of my favourite videos. really impressed with her courage. i am thinking will i have such a courage at the age of 47? perhaps i will join Sibu Idol(if someone organise it by that time)?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

If i am Nobita

i think most of my friends know i like Doraemon. it's not because i want to be doraemon. It's just because i want to have a doraemon. i remember when i am small, my ambition is to be Nobita. Nobita is a the luckiest boy in the anime world. Although he is weak in his studies, Doraemon comes to help him. When he is bullied by Giant, he can cry badly in front of doraemon. When Shizuka quarrels wih him, doraemon always becomes his support. That's why i opened the drawer sometimes, hoping a doraemon appears in front of me (not anymore for now, believe me). Don't you think Doraemon is so nice? He can choose to help richer guys. If so, he can eat more dau sa bia. If so, he does not need to sleep inside the cupboard. or maybe he can install more high tech systems to catch the rats. but he chooses to help Nobita, the one who is weak in everything. This is what i thought when i was small. i thought my dream never comes true.

Yea. My dream never comes true because it's the fact instead. I am always Nobita because God have sent many doraemons to help me. He provides everything based on His wills via people around me. i got shelter via my parents. i obtains care from my three brothers, help from my friends and so on.

If i am Nobita, you guys are doraemons. =) ..... blessings. yohooor

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Holiday Part 3

i found it few days ago while accompanying my mum for shopping.

by that time, i talked loudly, 'mum, it's 豆沙饼 eh!!!!! see. it's real 豆沙饼 ehhh......'

The tauke replied me with weird facial expression, 'yea. of course it is.'

Mum said, 'sorry. she didn't see it for six months already.'

I said, '=.=.......'

豆沙饼啊,豆沙饼。you are always my favourite. =)

Friday, 18 December 2009


Thanks to a restaurant which i went yesterday. It proved that my digestive system functioning well as my digestive organs managed to expel all the unhygience substance from my body though it took more than 1 hr in the midnight =)


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

holiday part 2

Recently i am addicted to milk tea. no matter which restaurant i go particularly in the morning, i will unconsciously order it. A cup of milk tea symbolises the beginning of a new day =)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

holiday life

eat, sleep, play, watching anime are my hobbies now. gonna enjoy as much as i can before moving to second year^^. o ya. miss one more thing. can't wait to yam cha with my friends!! @ah ma. quickly arrange gathering lo