Thursday, 29 October 2009

no more tests

no more tests before final exam.

should i feel happy after saying that? haha. i think i should. my life turns topsy turvy recently because of loads of tests starting from last monday until yesterday. after coming back from prayer meeting yesterday, i tidied up my room and finished all the tasks that i should finish long time ago and watched 2 episodes of house. oo. satisfied with all i have done yesterday. hehe.

start to clear my mind about him too. i can't do anything for him although he is stressful with assignment and tests. i am clear that i am not the one beside him, giving him encouragement and care. what i can do is pray for him. gambateh. i believe u can do it well de. ^^.

start to proceed towards my final exam which starts after 12 days. i know these 12 days will be hard and tough for me. however, be optimistic. moving closer to final exam = stepping closer to home. can't wait to c my beloved grandma, family members, friends, cats, kampua, bian nv, kueh teow, cao zhu mian, comic, drama series and so on!

haha. listing things to do when going home always make me feeling happy. it happens to me and shin shin. i think we two have planned what to eat and what to do in our holiday! definitely i will sing loudly after going home. wow.. wow . balik kampung

ohno. start to daydreaming again. today's goal: finish the lecture about heart. 1 heart only ma. sak sak soi la. i know other 119 pharmacy students will throw stone onto me when they see this. just kidding. it's just encouragement for myself.

gambate to everyone! beat down mr. exam and welcome mr. break!!!!!!!

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