Wednesday, 23 September 2009


just finished feedback session for bio test. finally i know my mistake =). so, i am glad with it. and i found my lovely pen! someone took it accidently. whatever it is, the most important is it will be back soon! my first birthday present from my mum =) haha

To shin shin: thanks so much for ur encouragement.

To Song: Thanks for helping me to search for it. i really appreciate it

To shu tiao: Thanks for understanding

To mum and a kiong: thanks for ur words

To budak: dun imitate the way i talk in my blog. =.=


  1. lol. budak... XD i think i know who. anyway, i should thank you instead, for being such a great friend. you always wait for me after pharmaceutics lab, even though i am so slow.

  2. hehe. his nickname given by me long time ago. hehe. actually u wait for me too for many times. haha. nvm. practice makes perfect. let's wait for each other for next three years la. wakaka