Thursday, 6 May 2010

April is over.....

Finally i have finished all my mid sem tests and 2 asssignments within this month. Phew.... It’s tiring candidly. For the previous month, my life is just lecture notes, tutorial, laboratories and so on. And today is Thursday! It means that my lovely Friday and weekend are coming. But i feel sad instead. One of my elderly relatives had just passed away. I was taken aback when i received this new on last Saturday. She was strong, cheerful and gave us a lot of food during cny. Visiting her in cny was one of our family activities but i didn’t do it during this year. Why? It’s just because i was lazy by that time and thought that i could visit her in the future soon. i was not granted chance anymore.

When i was small, my cousins and me like to hide her artificial hair and forced her to play seek and hide with us. Sometimes we did like to count the number of her hair since she was almost botak. Although everytime my uncle and dad scolded us, she would protect us instead. I started to miss her now.....

This is the third elderly relative who has just passed away recently. All of them were strong and looked well before i leave. Life is like that, right? Fragile, unpredictable. Shouldn’t we spend more time on our family members while we are able to do that?

Btw, there were happy events recently too. Two of my friends get married. A friend gave me huge support when i faced some problems. Thanks for sending mcd during midnight. I do really appreciate it. Thanks abu, ah kiong and ah siong for chatting with me everytime. U r always the longest worm in my stomach. Haha. Thanks to my housmates who always give me laughter and jokes. Thanks to my coursemate who always come for studying. I will pick my book unwillingly and forced me to study. i treat it as a kind of motivation. Haha

Time for me to rest, walk closer to God. Gambateh to ah ing and everyone!!!

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