Friday, 12 March 2010

he is kind

All Vickery residents should know that we need a card to access the laundry room. once it's closed, the room will be locked automatically and we have to use card again for opening it. today i carried bags of clothes, pails, detergents and so on. there's a chinese guy who just came out of laundary room. he didn't fully close the door. so, i can just enter the room by pushing the door. what a mercy for me.

he noticed my handful of stuff and he walked back, heading to the door, opening the door and stared at me.

wow~~ he is helpful as he is going to open the door for me.

when i am going to say thanks, something unexpected happened.

he closed the door, confirming the door is fully closed.

"i hope you bring your card if you are a vickery resident" he said.

yea. he is kind in protecting all vickery residents. purposely walk back and close the door again.

perhaps next time i should paste a big notice on my head when carrying loads of stuff. 'i live here, okay?'

1 comment:

  1. LOL! mei ing, you never fail to make me laugh~ haha.. that guy's action really make me speechless lar.. just tell him straight in the face that you ARE a resident. or next time, just say thank you before he does anything else. he'll be paiseh to NOT let you in.

    btw, laundry really makes ppl get angry easily, huh? i have lots of unhappy incidents in the laundry room. but i'm trying to learn to be thankful to wash all my clothes every week successfully. =)