Wednesday, 20 January 2010


1 hr ago nana was doing the maths homework. mum reminded him,'Use ruler when you make a line.' Her words remind me of an very interesting but innocent incident when i am in primary six.

'THENG MEI ING! PLEASE COME FORWARD!' said maths teacher.
'Please use ruler when u draw a triangle,' she said

i did the homework somewhere in supermarket and forgot to redraw it at home.

'ooo. okay.' i said

'Hey. why u stare at me with such big eyes? you didn't satisfy with what i said, is it?' she said.

'Big meh?' i asked in a very surprised and happy manner, opening my eyes more unconsciously.

'wah. even bigger now. i must punish u!' she said angrily.

'ha? no. i mean...."

*pia pia pia*. i was given 3 beats by that time.

starting from that day, my eyes will squint automatically once i greet with her. In last year, i met with her again in polyclinic. My eyes squinted again.

she said a very interesting thing. 'Why you like to squint your eyes? better go to have a check. must be short-sighted.

haha. i will.......

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