Wednesday, 3 March 2010


since i am primary school, i hate people not to trust me.i remember when i am in primary four, i was accused for spreading gossip. all my geng abandoned me. Although everyone forgot it within few days and everything turned normal, but i never receive any apologize.

when i am secondary school, i attend a function. i was suspected for stealing money as i entered a room of a guest. i can't really the whole process. but there's sentence that leave vivid impression on me. "if you don't have enough pocket money, just let uncle know. i will give you more pocket money. okay?"

few days ago, i faced the similar situation again. person involved is one of my closed friend. maybe i am so kecil hati this time but i do really hope that that person apologizes to me. bible said 'Don't angry after sunset.' i am waiting for sunset today. haha

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