Friday, 28 May 2010

david tao

i started to listen to his song since form 4 if i am not mistaken. well. to be honest. his songs do not attract me at all. it's just because my friends love that, so i did try to listen (sounded reluctant. haha). when i asked barbara where can i find david tao's songs? she said without any hesitation,TAKE IT FROM BENNY.ok lo. then, i borrow a cd from him. the first original cd that i have touched in my real life. (sheeesh. the CD producer will slaughter me). haha

i played it for many times and serious it does not match my taste. flat tone, boring and so on...

when i listen to them during college life, something has changed!! the melodies are nice and smooth. yea. undeniably, i fell in love with his songs.

Melody, tian tian, ai hen jian dang, ai wo hai shi ta, my anata and so on though these songs are very old already..

but good songs never expire, don't you think?

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