Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Speaking foochow

The followings are the conversation between an aunty who only knows foochow and a girl who doesn't know foochow much.

Aunty: Nv2 eh4 ho3 meh2?

Girl: jing1 ho3.

Aunty: Nv2 zho3 nong3 mian2?

Girl: 'Menjemur' keropok. (in mandarin)

Aunty: oooh.

Girl: ya ya( in mandarin). xing3 nian2 ai1 gao3 lou3

Aunty: Haha. ngui1 moh2 kan3 ngieng4 nv2 'in' leh3 boi3 tong1

Girl: Ngui1 wu1 kuo2. ngui1 wu1 kan3 ngieng4 nv2. nv2 'is in choir'( in mandarin again)

Aunty: Ngui1 kuo2 xia3 buong1

Girl: ok ok. bye bye.

Ir's the hardest post that i have writen. cuz the aunty is my neighbour and the girl is me!!!! haha. first time speak foochow with ppl.

p/s: i believe my foochow teacher is laughing loudly now. thanks for putting tone for every words.

p/s: for those who know foochow but can't understand what i am writing, i can only say 'T.T' haha


  1. MEI ING!!! TRANSLATION PLEASE! i can only guess the first 6 lines:

    Auntie: how are you?
    Mei Ing: Very good.
    Auntie: what are you doing?
    Mei Ing: Menjemur keropok (in mandarin).
    Auntie: Ooh.
    Mei Ing: New Year is coming.

    then the rest i dunno ady. :P

  2. haha... my dear, your foochow is very chinese-based eh.. almost same as me lar.. hahahahha... i so miss foochow now~

  3. @barbara. i am sure that ur foochow is much better than me. foochow is really hard la. haiz

    @shin shin!!! sorry for late reply. it's the tranlated version. haha

    girl: new year is coming
    aunty: i didn't see you in church
    girl: i did go. i saw you in the choir
    aunty: i go to eat now.