Saturday, 7 May 2011

Card designing =)

After having bloody pharmacotherapy test, i was asked to help with card designing for Mother's day! Youth fellowship will give the handmade card and flower to the elder people in church to show our appreciation towards their love and effort.

At first, i thought i could only help with cutting or pasting colour paper. but then, Selina, our instructor said just design the card based on your creativity! i was like 'ohno. all my energy was already spent on the i have zero creativity in designing. but but but..... i come out with 3 cards at the end! heheheheehhee. though the design is just so so, but i am proud to say i can design card! least and most important, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. thanks to my awesome mum for your love. XD

p/s: designing can be fun if there's no pressure or deadline. now i know why i have so many friends choosing arhitecture, in door design and multimedia. well done, buddies!

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