Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Trips to Lancelins, Pinnacles, Guilderton

woohoo. finally it's Easter Break. well. it's just a so called 'break' since there's loads of works to do. arghhhh. By the way, i choose to relax on the first day of my 'break'. There was a trip organised by church. A trip to Lancelins, Pinnacles and Guilderton. First of all, i would like to give special credits to Albert and Lina. thanks for the long ride. haha

Pinnacles is 2 hours car ride from South Perth (my living place). These three places are places of God's artwork. when you reach there, what you can say is 'WOW. God is such an amazing artist!"

Lancelins is located near Indian Oceans. The main attraction is Sand Dun
es, a paradise for sand surfing, motor biking and skate boarding. i was totally stunned by the white and delicate sand. when you step on
it, you can feel the coolness penetrate into your feet despite of the hot sun. haha.

Indian oceans
Lancelin sand dune

Pinnacles is a dessert with all type of peculiar rocks. Some experts said that it might be the seabed thousand years ago. The rocks were actually transformed from corals. Some might say the rocks were the trees many years ago. There will be many little nocturnal creatures such as scorpions, owls coming out at night! imagine i get lost there. hmmm. better call 000 for me. hahaaha

The last destination was Guilderton! We went to Moore River bank park. What caught my attention is a dog who smiled at me! well. i knew i had showed off for times in fb. haha. credits to his master who spent long time to catch his attention to camera!
Moore River

ok. back to work now. Happy Easter to all! God is alive! woohoo!

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  1. so cute lar the doggie!! Love the place ~~