Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It's love~

If u ask me what i have been doing in this holiday? i would say attending wedding lunch or dinner! i have attending 5 wedding dinners last month and many to go in next two months. haha. It's such a blessing for me to get involved in the preparation of my friends' big day! Being a ji mui is always a fun and interesting task. What a ji mui need to do? Discussing with sister and getting ang pau from brothers! I can see how happy and nervous a bride is. Meanwhile, it's touched to see how parents prepare everything for their beloved children. I can see also how a black face uncle (no offence btw XD) smile sweetly in his son's big day.

 May God bless Mei Jin and Tiong abundantly in building up their new family =)

p/s: is that why my face gets rounder nowadays? >.<

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