Friday, 22 July 2011


after coming back from shopping today, i met with a middle aged ang moh woman near my house. she burst out 你好when she saw me. 你是从中国来的吗?我叫Christina。Taken aback, i am surprised for her fluent mandarin! After talking with her for a while, i just noticed that she is spreading gospel about Jesus.

'How long have u learn mandarin? Can you read Chinese words?' i said

"Not really. i am learning how. it's just too hard for me." she murmured

"You can speak mandarin well!" i said

"oh really. i am practising hard actually!" she said in such delightful tone.

I was actually touched by her act. In order to spread God's words among Chinese, she chooses studying mandarin. I can imagine how hard it is for an ang moh to study such unique language. Here is my deepest respect for her! Since my mandarin is much better than hers, why don't i utilise my ability to widen God's kingdom and told everyone. "你好。耶稣爱你!“

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