Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Are you lying?

Sometimes it's easy to uncover kid's lies.

Scenario #1

"Did you hit boy A?" my mum said sternly.

"no. i didn't hit him" Boy B said in such pathetic tone...

"REALLY?" mum reconfirmed again..

"yea...." he said on a breath..

"i see. which hand do you use when hitting him? is it painful?" mum said in such gentle tone..

"left hand! it's really painful..." boy B said with his big eyes...

*piak piak piak piak*#######

Scenario #2

"Ohnoooo!! who ate all the chocolate that i bought from aus? it might not enough for mum's friend!" i screamed after scanning through refrigerator.

"Don't know oooooo....." nana said with chocolate package on his hand.

" how many do u eat?" i asked

" 1 so far.. i didn't eat the rest..." nana said

"wow.i c! is it delicious?"

"yes. of course. hahaha" he smiled and jumping here and there

"how many chocolate do u eat yesterday then?"

"6! haha....... very geng leh!!. hiak hiak?"

"how about the day before?"

"10! "


world can be simple sometimes.. don't u think? ^^

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  1. hahaha.. so funny yet innocent!! i think last time i was that cute too..