Friday, 1 May 2009

fire alarm!

oh no. i am very very sensitive with any high pitched sound that is similar with alarm. the first time is on tuesday. when i am 'enjoying' myself in studying bio, i heard some weird sound. first, it's di di, then, deng deng and followed by ringggggg. since we are still new here, we totally have no idea of what it is. my senior told us that it's fire alarm. 'wat! fire alarm. we dun even cook now!' yuen shin said. the housing assistant rushed here and asked us to go out. finally we found that our lovely neighbours burnt the onion and fire detector detected the smoke. cool! yea. it's cool because all of us forget to wear jackets and standing outside in 13 degree celcius. hopefully i wont fall sick again.

The story continued yesterday. fire alarm again. i think my unit and neighbouring unit became famous in hostel already. my neighbours were cooking by that time. i wonder why they cooked at 11pm. hopefully we don't not need to share the fine with them. 1 time of fire alarm cost 300 dollar. as what i always said, we must see the bright side of each proves that our alarm functions well and the high efficiency of fire brigades. they manages to arrive within 5 minutes. hopefully it's the last time.

p/s: just finish my bio test. although the result is not really well, but ok la. wanna throw it to rubbish bin for 1 day before studying the next bio test which is on the next next week. @.@

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  1. haha.. funny u. well don't traumatised the fire brigade lar. so kesian them